Back and Neck Massager Stretcher

by USAdrop
Color - White-blue

*1. Material: ABS
*2. Level: three-level adjustment
*3. Maximum load: 150 kg
*4. Size: 38.5 x 16.8 cm


*1. 3-level adjustable angle, rear arch angle can be adjusted as needed to meet waist training needs
*2. 88 massage points are like acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine, pressing different parts of the body.
*3. Use environmentally friendly ABS polyurethane, non-toxic and harmless, tough and solid to support your lumbar, the maximum load reaches 150 kg.
*4. The 26-degree physiological curve that allows the waist to return to normal.
*5. Whether you are lying or sitting, you can use this massager, suitable for home, office, car.

Heat for Healing 

Unlike other back massagers on the market, the MyMagicPillow has optional heat settings, for improved pain relief and soothing relaxation. That’s why we think it’s the best heated back massager. 

Flex Fit

Flexible straps mean that this back massager can be attached to any size of chair, making it the best back massager for chairs. 

Rechargeable Battery

MyMagicPillow features a rechargeable battery, meaning you’ll never have to mess with disposable batteries again. 

Our Company ?

MyMagicPillow is a Canadian owned and operated company. For the time being, our company has two stores, one in Alberta, Canada🇨🇦 (for Canadian orders) and Montana, USA🇺🇸( for USA and rest of the world orders).