About Us

Since 2018, our goal at MyMagicPillow was always to make pain relief a more convenient and portable experience. As physiotherapists and fitness coaches ourselves, we noticed a big problem in physical healthcare. Not enough people with chronic pain issues were able to afford the therapy they needed to get better and lead more fulfilling lives.

We know how debilitating chronic pain issues can be, and how they can impact the enjoyment of our everyday lives. We are here to help those suffering from issues such as arthritis, sciatica, cervical problems, anxiety, and low fitness performance.

Unfortunately, managing chronic pain issues can be a challenging and expensive journey. With high-quality massages and other physiotherapy breaking the bank for many people, we knew there had to be a better way. That’s where the MyMagicPillow comes in. 

With MyMagicPillow, you can experience all the benefits of a high-quality, professional shiatsu massage at a fraction of the cost of a single therapy session. Better yet, the portability of the MyMagicPillow means you can bring it to wherever life takes you. 

Focusing on your health does not have to be an inconvenience. With MyMagicPillow, you can give your body the therapy it needs to get back on track to a healthier life. Out of 100 bodybuilders who used the MyMagicPillow, 88% noticed a faster recovery and better performance. Do we need to say more?

Let’s get started on the road back to a better you. MyMagicPillow will get you there. 

The MyMagicPillow Team