1- ⇩ Create your account in 2 minutes ⇩

You will automatically earn $10 USD when you set up the account.

2- Copy Referral link from your account.

3- Promote the brand by sending the referral link or your own link.

You can use the promotion video in our website as well.

4- For every successful referral you will receive $10 USD

5- Promote the "Become a partner" program and get a % of the commission. (Use the signup link in your account) This is a multilevel commission.

Example: "Rebecca" told "Ashley" about the "become a partner" program and she gave her the signup link. Ashley did the same with Justin. Ashley has many social media followers so she shared the referral link and got 20 sales, Justin got 10 sales.
Meanwhile, Rebecca was on vacation but she found that her earnings had increased – she’d made $80 effortlessly. 20 * (15*30%) = $60 from Ashley and 10 * (15*20%) = $20 from Justin. Ashley got an additional $30 from Justin sales.
You can see all the network commissions levels % in your account.

6- Moreover, for every $400 USD worth of sales, you will earn $50 USD BONUS. (Most of our customers buy many pillows at a time to take advantage of our promotions so that will make your sales target easier to achieve.)

Example: "Edward" is a new partner. He shared his referral link with his friends. His friend "Steven" shopped and spent $150. The next day, "Rebecca" shopped and spent $200. A week later, "Samuel" spent $50. The total sales reached the target so Edward received a $50 bonus plus his normal commission.

7- Set up your payment settings (How would you like to get paid?) in your account, settings, payments settings.

8- Get your pay every time you reach $100 worth of commission.

9- Every year, the best partners become shareholders in the company.


    This program is a "win-win" deal between the mymagicpillow team and its partners   
 If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by live chat on the website or by emailing: